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About Us

This is the primary discussion platform for The Hospital Handbook Project (HHP) for Acupuncturists and Their Hospital Sponsors (Admin)™.

We switched to this platform in fall 2021. Learn more about our goals and use of this platform here:


You are welcome to join the discussion if you are interested in our work at the HHP AND:

  • you are an acupuncture/integrative health student or educator interested in our work

  • you are a prospective practitioner interested in healthcare system based practice

  • you are currently a hospital or healthcare system based LAc or program manager

  • you are a researcher looking to connect with hospital or healthcare system based LAcs and program managers

Community discussion rules of respectful discussion and dialogue apply.

Required first steps when joining

1. Set up your profile. 

2. Read all the “welcome” topic messages and rules before you engage in discussion.

Why We Love Our New Platform

The HHP discussion group(s) are hosted on the Mighty Networks platform.
It works similar to Facebook except:

  • It allows discussion threads to be tied into our more robust resources (pdf, audio, video) on our Teachable platform

  • It more easily ties in events and links

  • It is not subject to the whims and algorithm changes of Facebook. Oofda. That's been time-consuming for me (admin) to keep up with.

  • You don't need a Facebook or LinkedIn account to join. But, if you want to use those accounts to join, the Mighty Networks platform allows you to do that.

  • You create your own profile based on your interests and topics related to why you are joining the HHP discussion platform and network.

Why You Should Join Us

The HHP is the go-to resource for hospital and healthcare system-based acupuncture employment practices and program standards. Our niche is our professional network community of hospital and healthcare system-based practice LAc clinicians, program managers, researchers, and more.

The HHP community shares relevant news and research in the field. We practice research literacy and discuss standards in the field. This includes policies, procedures, standards of practice, professional practice standards, clinical practice, and research, all related to U.S. hospital and healthcare system-based workplace settings.

Come join the forum, set up your profile, choose your group(s) (student/prospective practitioner, healthcare system LAc, program manager, etc.), and choose your favorite topics or topic threads.

A Big Thanks

Thank you to everyone supporting this forum. The HHP is a not-for-profit community resource project. All financial support helps keep the work available and moving forward.

The Hospital Handbook Project (HHP) for Acupuncturists and Their Hospital Sponsors (Admin)™ is now part of the nonprofit, The Society of Hospital & Healthcare System-based Acupuncturists, a 501c3 organization.